The Evil Dead

Shambling Death Arrives!

The PC group, consisting of a Paladin, Ranger, Bard, Fighter, and Rogue get word of bandits operating out of an area north of the little hamlet of White Chapel. They go to investigate and discover an individual stumbling around in a local farmer’s field. It turns out this individual is in fact a zombie, and a small horde of his brethren shamble out of the mists to engulf the PC group. The Paladin dies almost immediately, while the Bard nearly dies of fright at the sight of the horrors. The PCs fall back to town and hole up in the local tavern. The zombies fall upon the town en masse; attempting the break into the tavern to get to the human morsels inside. Two towns folk die, including the sheriff, but the remaining PCs draw the zombies into the tavern; then proceed to burn it to the ground with the walking dead inside.

The question now remains, “where did the dead come from and why did it happen?”

PC casualties:
The Paladin (Weyland Bishop) meets his end early in the game.

Other casualties:

  • Red shirt civilian
  • The town sheriff (Issac Longfellow)



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