Dawn of the Dead

The Source Revealed

The Ranger and Bard perform cursory exploration around the town of White Chapel in an attempt to locate any lingering undead. Meanwhile, a new Cleric arrives in town (Malcolm D’Shea)and is introduced to the new sheriff. The sheriff (our fearless Fighter), the Rogue, and the Cleric explore north of town and head to an abandoned graveyard. The heroes fight their way into the cemetery and discover that bandits/tomb robbers have desecrated sealed crypts. The heroes clear the cemetery and crypts of walking dead, then face down the surviving bandits and their leader who are holed up in a crypt. Both the Cleric and Rogue do not leave the graveyard unscathed. A failed horror save upon seeing a zombie feasting on a fresh corpse, leaves a lasting impression. The new sheriff returns to White Chapel with his brother and Cleric in tow – as well as a single surviving bandit who he arrested for grave robbing.



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